Southeast Metro Park

  1. Address

    4511 Texas 71
    Del Valle, TX 78617

    Sub Locations

    1. Field 1 (Softball)
    2. Field 2 (Softball)
    3. Field 3 (Softball)
    4. Field 4 (Softball)
    5. Field 1 (Soccer)
    6. Field 2 (Soccer)
    7. Field 3 (Soccer)
    8. Field 4 (Soccer)
    9. Field 1A (Softball)
    10. Field 2A (Softball)

    Southeast Metro Park

    Offerings: Flag Football, Kickball, Soccer, Softball, Ultimate, Tournaments

    Alcohol Policy: 
    - County law prohibits "public display of the consumption of alcoholic beverages" 
    - unopened cartons and cans much be inside coolers or grocery bags
    - open beverages must be consumed from unmarked, opaque cups
    - NO GLASS
    - a koozie is not adequate concealment for a can

    Pet Policy:
    -Dogs and pets are permitted, but must be attended and on leash no more than 6ft long

    Complete Policies:
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