South Austin Recreation Center

  1. Address

    1100 Cumberland Rd.
    Austin, TX 78704

    Sub Locations

    1. Court 1
    2. Court 2
    3. Field 1
    4. Field 2
    5. Field 3
    6. Court 1A
    7. Court 1B
    8. Court 2A
    9. Court 2B
    10. Field 4

    South Austin Recreation Center


    Alcohol Policy: 
    - Alcohol, glass, and Styrofoam are not permitted in or around City of Austin Recreation Centers.  Ask your official or gameday coordinator about great happy hours following every game!

    Only reclosable containers containing water are permitted inside the gym.
    - All SSC participants, spectators, officials, and gameday coordinators share the responsibility to leave venues in a clean, trash-free condition.


    Pet Policy:
    -No pets allowed, with the exception of service animals

    Complete Policies: 
    Click Here

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