Moontower Saloon

  1. Address

    10212 Manchaca Rd
    Austin, TX 78748

    Sub Locations

    1. Court 1
    2. Court 2
    3. Court 3

    Moontower Saloon


    Relevant Policies: 
    - Nobody under the age of 21 is permitted at any time. All players must be prepared to present valid ID at any time. Bags and backpacks may be searched at any time.
    - Outside containers (only clear water bottles or clear tumblers) must be empty when entering and can be filled at any complimentary water station once on the premises.
    - Only clear/mesh backpacks or a small clutch are allowed to be brought on the premises.
    - Any players caught bringing in outside alcohol will be banned permanently from the league and Moontower, along with their teammates.
      *This also includes taking alcohol outside of the bar boundaries or drinking in the parking lot.*
    - Smoking is not permitted on the volleyball courts.
    - All SCC participants, spectators, officials, and gameday coordinators share the responsibility to leave venues in a clean, trash free condition.

    Pet Policy:
    - All dogs must be on a leash and may not be on the sand. Owners are responsible for immediately cleaning up after their dogs.

    Complete Policies:
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