South Austin Rec Center

  1. Address

    1100 Cumberland Rd.
    Austin, TX 78704

    Sub Locations

    1. Court 1
    2. Court 2
    3. Field 1
    4. Field 2
    5. Field 3
    6. Court 1A
    7. Court 1B
    8. Court 2A
    9. Court 2B
    10. Field 4

    South Austin Rec Center


    Alcohol Policy: 
    - Alcohol, glass and Styrofoam are not permitted in or around City of Austin Recreation Centers
    - Ask your official or gameday coordinator about great happy hours following every game
    - Only recloseable containers containing water are permitted inside the gym
    - All SCC participants, spectators, officials, and gameday coordinators share the responsibility to leave venues in a clean, trash free condition.

    Pet Policy:
    - Dogs and pets are not permitted, with the exception of service animals

    Complete Policies:
    Click Here

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